PANDAS/PANS Consultation Information



In an effort to serve the largest number of patients and families, our program provides consultation services only; this is a one-time evaluation with recommendations for patients suffering from PANDAS and/or PANS and under the care of a physician. Although we remain available for ongoing consultation, we do not currently have the capacity to write prescriptions or offer ongoing care.

Once your visit is confirmed, our team reviews all records submitted, works to obtain any outstanding or additional records, and obtains collateral information from the referring providers (i.e. primary treatment team). If indicated, you may be asked to obtain additional lab work or studies in preparation for your visit. 

The evaluation lasts from two to three hours. During that time, our team will conduct an interview, clarify and discuss the diagnoses, and make recommendations regarding next steps in treatment. 

After the visit a summary will be prepared and shared with both you and your treating doctor. We will also call and discuss the assessment and recommendations with your primary treating provider. 


To ask questions or to fill out an intake request: Fill out our Service Request Form or call us at (301)-969-2279.